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The Hope Project Presents: A Couple’s Retreat

The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

Discover the secrets to long-lasting relationships and unlock the potential for transformation
in your own partnership. Join us for a Couple’s Retreat designed to provide a safe counseling
environment, valuable insights, and connections with other couples seeking answers and results.

Limited spaces are available, so reserve your spot now!

*Now offering limited spaces*

Rekindle your relationship* Renew your commitment*Rejuvenate your investment in each other

Retreat Goals:

  • Strengthen Relationships: Learn practical strategies and principles to enhance your bond
    and deepen your connection.
  • Foster Community Support: Normalize experiences and create a supportive network of
    couples committed to nurturing their relationships.

Benefits from training:

  • Structure, Motivation, and Accountability: Our program provides a framework to guide
    your relationship growth.
  • Work on Relationship with Others: Engage with other couples and gain valuable
    perspective and support.
  • Enrichment Model: View this retreat as an opportunity for growth and personal
  • Encouragement for Both Partners: Both individuals are empowered to actively contribute
    to the relationship.
  • Lifelong Tools: Acquire practical tools and strategies that will serve you well beyond the

Who can benefit from training:

  • Thinking about Engagement: Get a solid foundation for your future together.
  • Pre-Marital Couples: Prepare for a successful and fulfilling marriage.
  • Living Together or Married for Decades: Rekindle the spark and rejuvenate your investment
    in each other.

Who WILL NOT benefit from training:

  • Severe Relationship Issues: Please seek specialized help for severe relationship challenges.
  • Significant Emotional or Physical Abuse and/or Mental Health Problems: Address these
    issues with appropriate professional support.
  • Active Addictions: Focus on addiction recovery before participating in relationship-focused
  • Serious Compulsive Behavior (Sex, Gambling): Seek specialized assistance for these specific

What to expect:

Choose between two options:

  • Overnight Experience: Enjoy a Meet and Greet, dinner, and a full day of engaging activities, and full day of transformative sessions.
  • Day Retreat Only: Join us for a Meet and Greet, breakfast, lunch, and a full day of transformative sessions.


  • March 2, 2024: The retreat begins at 4:00 pm with a meet and greet, dinner, then an evening session.
  • March 3, 2024: Breakfast is served at 7:30 am, and the day concludes at 4:00 pm.


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Cost per couple:

  • Full Overnight Experience (Including all meals): $500 (Limited to 10
  • Day Retreat Only (Including breakfast and lunch): $300 (Unlimited

Reservation Deadline:
Please RSVP before February 8, 2024, at 11:59 pm to secure your spot.
Take this opportunity to invest in your relationship and embark on a meaningful journey towards a stronger, more fulfilling partnership.
Reserve your spot today using the form below!

Contact us and let us know your interest!

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