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Whether it’s disability, addiction, financial stresses, parenting, school pressure, lack of information, or help sorting it all out, life can be painful and complicated. Everyone needs help sometimes.

Here’s how we build hope:
Counseling- Multidisciplinary therapeutic approach using solution focused intervention and techniques.

Community Living Supports- Provide services to consumer and family that promotes community inclusion, while also ensuring that consumer has the opportunity to remain in their natural environment.
Mentoring (Individual & Family)- Provide services that contribute to community functioning and support community inclusion.

Parent Coaching- provide in home parenting support and work with families to develop healthy communication and parenting skills.

Advocacy- Assisting consumer and family in community access to services and information that has the potential to positively impact the consumer/family.

Crisis support- Provide services that advocate and assist consumer/family during time of crisis.
Adaptive camps for Youth- Youth aged 14-18 receive services in day camps providing adaptive activities for youth with disabilities and an educational agenda for their family/guardian/care takers. See calendar for special events and training available.

Elder Services- Counseling, resource matching, and other supportive services are available to assist families caring for elders and for Elders seeking assistance in accessing their community and services designed for elder needs inside and outside the home.
Next Steps…

Whether you or someone you know is in need of the services listed, or whether you have questions about how we may help, please contact us. Click on the “contact us” button and chose one of the methods listed to talk with us and give us the opportunity to build your tool box.

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