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Ulysses Lee Moore PHD, LPC, CRC Counseling Provider

My name is Ulysses “Lee” Moore and I founded the Hope Project in 2016. I believe that life is a journey and for every season of life, there are different stops to make. I’ve have some great seasons, and some really tough ones like most people. But I have been lucky enough to meet people along the way, and found inspiration in places I wouldn’t have imagined. Through those experiences, I have grown and maintained a greater capacity for hope.
My Story

Hope is important to all of us. I am a Veteran, a father, a husband, a brother, a son, a teammate, an employee, an employer and a counselor. All are roles that require me to develop different skills every day. Life can change on a dime. Crisis happens and without the tools I’ve learned, things can look hopeless. Without hope, I’d have no faith that I can individually survive, much less support my family or others. Hope, the faith that I can try again, that I can do it better next time, that I can learn, that I can be healthy, that my relationships can be sound that can I put the past away and move forward at home and in my community…it’s all about Hope.

So, with the notion that other Veterans, students, elders,people with disabilities, people who feel broken and their families, deserve to live as respected and valued members with access to and within their communities, I started the Hope Project.

The Hope Project is an organization of mental health professionals that provide the tools needed for individuals and families to live and thrive together in their communities. We provide these services in partnership with other public and private organizations.

I have been in the helping profession for more than 18 years. I have worked for Child Protective Services, the Texas state agency for mental health and developmental disabilities, State and Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies as a Counselor. I have been in private practice since 2016 providing services to include Community Living Support, mentoring, and counseling.

This is my passion. I hope to hear from you.

Dr. Ulysses (Lee) Moore is happy to announce the expansion of his private therapeutic practice.

Now joined by James Harrison, Licensed Professional Counselor, the group practice is housed within The Hope Project of Central Texas. The focus of the practice is on serving veterans, men, families and youth to provide counseling, group skill building and community experiences to build strong and healthy relationships for individuals and with families.

Looking for the best you for the new year? Have some goals you want to achieve that seem to be just out of grasp? Feeling stuck and defeated before you even get started? Sometimes it just takes some tools to help you move where you want to go. The goals are yours; the outcomes are yours. You decide if it’s better to go alone or whether to have a driver that can show you the most effective and efficient way to get where you want to go.

Reach out to The Hope Project of Central Texas for a free consult with no obligation to get more information. Call (512)589-9021, or email: thehopeproject@sbcglobal.net To hear more about how our team of therapists can help. Afterall, it only takes a minute that could be the defining moment that changes your life trajectory forever.

Specializing in providing tools for Hope… for Veterans, for Students, for Parents and for Families who want more.
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